To the Basic SEO Course. This course is divided into 8 separate modules. At the end of the first module, you will find a quiz to test your knowledge. Spread throughout the rest of the course are Tasks, Talks and Tools.


Completing the Tasks will help you optimize your website for search in simple, manageable steps. After you complete key Tasks, you will have the option to submit your work to Mary Clare for review or schedule a Talk with her. She will review your work and make concrete suggestions on how you can optimize your work.


Tools are free online resources that you can use to improve your site’s SEO.


This course contains a number of instructional videos. They are best viewed in Firefox or Chrome. Safari users have reported issues when viewing the videos.


You also have two free vouchers to speak with Mary Clare. To use them, simply book a time in her schedule using this link: Book a meeting with Mary Clare. NOTE: She does keep track of all appointments so please don’t try to game the system.


Finally, please remember: SEO takes time and patience. It is a marathon, not a sprint! If your search results don’t show in the top of Google SERPS right away, have patience. This is particularly true in industries where there is high competition for key phrases.


Ready to get started? Click on the links below to access the different modules:


Module 1: Introduction to SEO

Module 2: Buyer Personas

Module 3: Key Phrase Research

Module 4: On-Page SEO, Part 1

Module 5: On-Page SEO, Part 2

Module 6: Technical SEO


NOTE: All the third party Tools are recommended solely for their efficacy. Neither Level Up nor Mary Clare receive any commissions or perks for recommending these Tools.