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Mary Clare Bland started her career on Wall Street, where she worked as an International Portfolio Manager and Oil & Gas Analyst. After years of telling Fortune 500 executives how to run their companies, she decided it was time for her to start her own business. Thus she started, and managed, two small businesses in Manhattan. They grew to be very successful.

However, she quickly discovered that high end marketing and digital solutions were outside the reach of most small business owners- particularly herself. So starting in 2005 (when Facebook was in its infancy), she embarked upon a campaign to learn as much about digital marketing and advertising as she could. Her skill set grew in tandem with the industry.

Eventually, other small business owners started asking her help with their SEO, content creation and social media campaigns. After years of helping other small business owners achieve their digital marketing goals, she decided to open her own agency. She does this from Madrid but has clients all over the world.


To learn more about Mary Clare, you can read an interview she gave for ideamensch when they did a feature on European entrepreneurs.


“I must admit that after three hours with Mary Clare I learned more about digital marketing than I did over the whole two years of the Masters degree at EAE. There is nothing like watching a professional at the top of her game show you solutions and make them look easy!”- Dominique White, Press Officer, British Benevolent Fund


Mary Clare Bland wrote articles and did internal and external SEO for my company, Moving2Madrid, for three years. Not only did her blog articles/SEO efforts generate significant growth of the number of our leads, but she was professional, timely, proactive and always delivered extremely high quality work. Her research in the Madrid real estate market was top notch. I highly recommend her services to anyone.“- Pierre Alban Waters, CEO Moving2Madrid

Mary Clare Bland, Heather K Purdy Photography
Paris is one of Mary Clare's favorite cities in the world.


Mary Clare has been featured in a number of newspapers, blogs and sites that offer tips and advice on digital marketing. Here is a link: Mary Clare’s Press Page



Mary Clare loves photography and works with a number of professional photographers. Her favorite images are by the award winning photographer Heather K. Purdy. Heather was kind enough to let Mary Clare use her photos of Paris, rural France, England and Ireland for this site.


If you need a professional photographer for your website, wedding, or anything else you can connect with her on Instagram and send her a message. She also has a number of prints available for purchase on her site.

Mary Clare’s video to launch Level Up




You can book a free 15 minute consultation with Mary Clare to learn more about Level Up courses, or anything related to digital marketing.