online SEO courses, Photo by Heather K Purdy Photography

Level Up is the online learning platform of the boutique digital marketing agency Bespoke Digital Solutions. We provide practical teaching for small and medium size business owners that want to take their digital marketing into their own hands and get more clients.


Why pay for a course?


We recognize that there are many free online courses in SEO, social media marketing and other digital marketing. However, free courses are not really free. Their main goal is to try and upsell you to other products and services. Plus there is no hands on guidance, so you are left searching through videos and blog articles, hoping you will eventually stumble upon what you need. And when you do finally find something useful, how do you know if you have implemented your new techniques effectively?

Moreover, since digital marketing changes and evolves literally every day, how do you know that the hours you invest in “free” training will even be useful in 2020 and beyond?

Why we are different


We provide hand crafted courses, tailor made for entrepreneurs and small business owners in 2020. Our courses are comprised of videos, written material and practical worksheets. This is because we recognize that people learn and process information differently.

All of our courses come with one on one time with a digital marketing expert that has been creating and managing digital marketing campaigns since 2006. She will review your worksheets, offer tips and advice to help you correctly implement everything you learn.

You will save time so you can get started reaching new clients and increasing your bottom line.

So . . . what are you waiting for?